#AppropriatingNerdCulture Strikes Twitter

When outrage culture strikes - Imgur
oh dear god, the twitter is all a twutter because of #AppropriatingNerdCulture

Here is the break down.  I saw it unfold from the very beginning cause I follow the guy who used the phrase “appropriating nerd culture” today. Cliff Bleszinski, a big name in video game design, reacted to this article:


A chain of tweets & replies starts and Cliff sheds some light on Olivia Munn’s character, or lack thereof. See, the thing is, Cliff has had a prior working relationship with Olivia Munn back in her G4 days.  He was also connected with many people who worked closely with Olivia Munn, including Munn’s makeup artist.


So Cliff is calling out Munn for what she is/was, basing his view of her on the PRIOR EXPERIENCE he had with her.  But no, the twutters of the world instead, take this out of context, and accuse cliff of being a “gatekeeper”


So Cliff points out that Munn is a “hateful person” or a “bad person” (his words) and all of a sudden, BAM!, its a sexism issue now.  Look at all these tweets under the #appropriatingnerdculture hashtag who have no clue what is even going on, dont know Cliff’s reasonings for saying what he did, and probably dont even know what started the hashtag.

I mean, you see how these people have taken it as an attack against their person?  An exchange that starts out as criticizing one person, is now somehow an affront to all women?  And I’m quite sure that I will be seen as some misogynistic shitlord for pointing out how this has mutated from one person’s extreme dislike for another into an attack on all women.  I’m actually surprised I didn’t see the use of the words “straight” or “cis” but I guess this is Twitter and not Tumblr.

But wait, there’s more.

One of the lamest twutters have even tried to turn this into a racism issue as well!


For fuck’s sake people.  JFC……IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU or whichever demographic(s) you belong to!  But here we have it, folks.  This type of bullshit has been going on for years.  It is only time before we see people stepping into this current controversy to further either themselves, their companies, etc for their own agendas, all in the name of stuff like political correctness, equal rights, love for all, whatever.  I wouldnt be surprised to see an article on Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Jezebel, Geeks & Sundry, College Humor, Cracked, or any other rag that touts the line of the PC bullshit that is so pervasive in our culture.


We live in an outrage culture, it’s true.  Not one single day goes by where a trending hashtag isn’t about some controversial topic.  This #appropriatingnerdculture hashtag will die off by Monday and be replaced by some other tag for people to feed their outrage addiction with.

I don’t know why expected people in the nerd/geek culture to be able to use critical thinking skills over the “my feels” skills more than any other culture.  Maybe because science and logic are pervasive themes in that culture.

People, you need to stop basing your reactions on gender and race.  Look at what is being said and analyze that.  Dont even take race or gender into consideration…UNLESS…what is being said is regarding race and gender.  Cliff went after Munn, for being Munn, not for being a woman, for being the type of person she is.  Her her being a woman had nothing to do with it.  Her being a bad person had everything to do with it.

This has NOTHING to do with keeping women out of nerd culture.  And it most certainly has nothing to do with keeping any race out it, let alone any other demographic.



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